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How far do you travel?

We travel UK wide and internationally.

Will you learn our first dance?

Yes we will learn your first dance if we feel we could do it justice. As this is one of the most important parts of a wedding day, we would want to make sure it is as perfect as you have imagined.

Do you play requests?

If there are songs on our list that you absolutely adore and couldn't not have played at your event then let us know and we will do our best to get them in the set. The same goes for any that you really dislike and we will not put them in the set list. Other than that our advice is to let us handle what songs are played, after performing at hundreds of events over the years we have become very good at reading an audience and getting the party going.

How long does it take you to setup?

It takes us 1 hour to load, setup and soundcheck.

What happens if a band member is unwell
on the day of the event?

If a band member is ill, then never fear we have a pool of great musicians that we use to deputise any member of the band.

Does the band have any specific requirements?

We ask to be fed and watered on an event. Usually we are included in the main meal or buffet and soft drinks are available thought-out the duration of the event. We also need an area specifically for the band to get changed and to be out of sight when not needed.

Are noise limiters an issue?

No they are not. We have a specific equipment setup which allows us to play in any venue with noise restrictions.

What equipment do you turn up with?

We are completely self sufficient with equipment. We have a full PA including a sub if necessary and we have an LED lighting system that will light the stage and dance floor.

How does payment work?

A quote and contract will be prepared tailored on all the details of your event. Upon signature of the contract a £500 deposit is paid to the band. The remaining balance is paid no later than 1 day before the event.

Do you need a stage?

No a stage is not required although when offered one we will jump at the chance. All we need is a minimum of area of 5m W x 2.5m D. We have one other on stage requirement which is simply 2 x 13 amp plug sockets.

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